By Chris Mannix
July 09, 2012

Free-agent power forward Kris Humphries wants a multiyear guaranteed contract and is not interested in any sign-and-trade scenario that offers him less than that, his agent, Dan Fegan, told

"That's ridiculous," Fegan said. "I have not had one conversation about a one-year deal."

When asked to clarify, Fegan said Humphries was seeking a deal guaranteeing more than one year.

Humphries has been linked in multiple reports to a trade involving disgruntled Magic center Dwight Howard. According to reports, Humphries would be signed-and-traded to Cleveland as part of a deal that would send Howard to Brooklyn and center Brook Lopez and multiple first-round picks to Orlando. More than 10 players and possibly a fourth team reportedly could be involved in the trade.

In a sign-and-trade, a player agrees to a new contract with his former team and is immediately traded. Sign-and-trade contracts must be for at least three years, but only the first year has to be fully guaranteed. Humphries and Lopez are among the players who would have to agree to sign-and-trades to be involved in the Howard deal.

Cleveland has expressed reluctance to take Humphries with a contract that guarantees more than one year, a source familiar with the talks told The Cavaliers' willingness to be involved in the deal is also contingent on receiving draft considerations with Humphries.

Humphries, 27, averaged 13.8 points and 11.7 rebounds last season with the Nets. He signed a one-year, $8 million deal before the season.

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