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Earlier this week, I asked you guys to submit questions for an all-reader mailbag edition of Hot Clicks. Most of the e-mails that came in focused on LLOD requests, but a few of you asked some questions and submitted some videos. This first item will address three of the better questions I received. The rest of this edition will feature links and videos directly from members of Hot Clicks Nation.

Have you ever received any death threats via e-mail because of something you posted on Hot Clicks? -- Jeff, Grand Rapids

- Only recently with all the Call Me Maybe videos I've posted.

As someone who enjoys reading extended interviews, I'm curious as to whom is on your wish list. Who would be your top five past and current (tangentially-sports-related, at least) public figures to interview? -- Mike Reed, Pittsburgh

Howard Stern is not tangentially sports related, but he'd be my dream interview. When it comes to sports, even though I just interviewedTom Brady, I'd put him at the top of the list since you said "extended interview." I only had 10 minutes with Brady, so I'd love to get a chance to talk to him for a half hour or more. Other current sports figures to round out the top five would be Tim Tebow, Alex Rodriguez, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

I have been a long time reader of Hot Clicks. It is my go-to website twice a day! My one question is since Hot Clicks is one of my favorite web sites, what are your top five non-sports related websites that you personally like to visit on a regular basis? -- Thomas

I won't say or even though I spend more time on those two sites than any other. In no order, 1); 2); 3); 4); 5)

Mail Call

Carly Rae Jespen

Sean, of Dublin, says, "Mate, looking at your Australian rugby player urinating, they're a different breed down there. Just watch this."

Is That In The Playbook?

Eric G., says, "I'm really hungover right now and feel like death. I don't think any video can brighten one's day quite like this one fromGeorge Brett. I'm sure you've posted it in Hot Clicks before, but this never gets old." (Warning: Video contains VERY strong language.)

In Honor Of Kansas City Hosting The All-Star Game

Earlier this week, Neil Livengood, of San Diego, said, "JESSICA RAFALOWSKI, JESSICA RAFALOWSKI, JESSICA RAFALOWSKI, JESSICA RAFALOWSKI, JESSICA RAFALOWSKI, JESSICA RAFALOWSKI, JESSICA RAFALOWSKI, JESSICA RAFALOWSKI, JESSICA RAFALOWSKI, JESSICA RAFALOWSKI, JESSICA RAFALOWSKI, JESSICA RAFALOWSKI, JESSICA RAFALOWSKI." A couple of days later, Neil was back, and said, "OK, Jimmy, Melanie Iglesias is super f'in hot. I'll give you that. On Wednesday you said, 'She's been featured about a million times, so lets make a million and one.' My response to that ... Jessica Rafalowski, Jessica Rafalowski. How many times must I bother you until I get my way? Just put her in Hot Clicks, and you can even tell everybody how much I bothered you." So now you guys can see how Neil bothered me despite the fact that Jessica Rafalowski was in Hot Clicks on May 25 and June 13. However, his enthusiasm is justified (and I need to get him off my back), so Jessica Rafalowski gets today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Jessica Rafalowski :: Jordan Strauss/WireImage)

Kevin O'Connell, of Brooklyn, N.Y., says, "Since this week is so dry how about we pay tribute to the best dancer in boxing (or royal) history?"

Prince Of A Guy

Ryan, of Rochester, N.Y., says,"Jimmy, check out this new business that just started up here in suburban Rochester. Sign of the apocalypse?

Snuggle Up

The Maple Leafs get the Gotye treatment in A Franchise That I Used To Know. (Thanks to Matt Kruger, of Toronto, and Zack Gallinger, of Toronto, for the video.)

Sports Video Of The Day

If you need more Gotye, Dave, of Newmarket, Ontario, says "You've probably already got this one 100 times today, but it's GOLD! Check it."

Music Video Of The Day

This report about a bear on the loose in upstate New York takes an interesting turn. (Thanks to Jon Volpe, of Reston, Va., for the video.)

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Local News Video Of The Day