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Hot Clicks: Kate Upton; Best videos of summer

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With summer winding down, we're going to present a two-part series covering the best videos that have been in Hot Clicks over the past three months. Because many of you take time off during the summer, chances are you may have missed one or two editions of Hot Clicks (and it better be only one or two editions), so we'll catch you up by posting 10 videos, in no particular order, today and 10 more on Monday, Labor Day. (Warning: Some of the videos contain strong language.)

The Summer's Best Videos

From June 26: "The Many Talents Of Kate Upton."

No. 1

From June 15: 30 Rock's Jack McBrayer & Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visit a Chicago hot dog stand where everyone curses at each other.

No. 2

From June 19: Reds pitchers Bronson Arroyo and Aroldis Chapman channel their inner Adam Sandler.

No. 3

From June 22: "What is drugs?"

No. 4

From June 27: The Canadian National Anthem being performed with nothing but bottles and cans of Molson beer.

No. 5

From June 28: The best pizza tosser ever.

No. 6

From June 29: Orioles manager Buck Showalter pranks pitcher Darren O'Day.

No. 7

From July 5: The Auto-Correct Song.

No. 8

From July 6: This guy interviewed himself -- from 20 years ago.

No. 9

From July 9: Thunder in Texas.

No. 10