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Hot Clicks: Melanie Iglesias; 10 best videos of the summer

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Last Wednesday, we started out countdown of the top 20 videos of the summer with these 10. Today, we provide the next 10 videos, in no particular order, to complete the list. (Warning: Some of the videos contain strong language.)

The Summer's Best Videos: Part II

From Aug. 1: Hot Clicks favorite Melanie Iglesias plays with a hula hoop.

No. 1

From Aug. 1: Free agent defensive lineman Anthony Adams lets us in on "Stuff NFL Free Agents Say."

No. 2

From July 10: The hardest hitting news story of the summer was easily about Potato Chip Bandits.

No. 3

From July 11: People go fishing, get a big surprise.

No. 4

From July 12: The only Call Me Maybe video to be featured in Hot Clicks that didn't generate hate mail.

No. 5

From July 13: Goyte's big hit gets turned into A Franchise That I Used To Know for the Maple Leafs.

No. 6

From Aug. 7: Vin Scully lip reads.

No. 7

From July 19: Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke prepares for a race.

No. 8

From July 6: Rainn Wilson kidnaps Blake Griffin, then interviews him in a van.

No. 9

From Aug. 7: "Commentator" spices up an Olympic sailing event.

No. 10