Hot Clicks: NFL replacement refs give Seahawks win over Packers

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Don't blame the replacement refs for what happened last night. Blame the man who worries more about socks, sleeves and touchdown celebrations than the officiating in his league. Sadly, we shouldn't be surprised Roger Goodell and the owners would compromise the integrity of the NFL for money. This is the same league that makes season ticket holders pay FULL price for exhibition games. And this the same man who went around saying fans wanted a 18-game regular season. Fans, of course, don't want to pay full price for exhibition games, so Goodell thought chopping two games off the exhibition season and adding them to the regular season would be the solution. Greedy. As he touted the benefits of an 18-game schedule, Goodell also tried to convince people that he cares about player safety. Phony. Now we have the referee debacle. A league that prints money has compromised the integrity of the games over a reported $3 million to the referees' pension plan. And while anyone with a set of functioning eyes (and even people without a set of functioning eyes) can see the replacement refs have no business calling NFL games, Goodell responds by threatening players and coaches who dare knock the replacement refs. Bully. Well, after last night, the entire league is now completely out of control. And, yes, I know Goodell works for the owners, and they deserve some responsibility here, but don't think for one second that Goodell doesn't have the power to get the owners to make a deal with the refs. He can do it in a heartbeat. Congrats, Roger.

Roger Goodell Is A Greedy, Phony, Bully

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When you have the most controversial decision since O.J. Simpson was found innocent, there is only one place to go for entertainment/information/news -- Twitter. Packers players did not hide their anger, with offensive lineman T.J. Langleading the charge. Fellow lineman Josh Sittonunleashed some fury as well (and some in the direction of Seahawks receiver Golden Tate). Tight end Tom Crabtree waited until this morning to weigh in, but the wait was worth it. You can see what other NFL players had to say here.

The Tweets

Here is the must-hear Packers radio call of the final play. ... Here's a look at what some newspapers are saying about the call on the front pages. ... Vegas says 70-80 percent of the action on last night's game was on Green Bay. The final play shifted $150-250 million dollars.

And The Fallout

Given the events of last night, I had to cheer up Green Bay fans by once again featuring Packers fan and model Laura S. (above) who was also yesterday's Lovely Lady of the Day. But I'm also providing you with this compilation, too.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

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Green Bay's NBC affiliate, WGBA-TV, mocked the replacement refs this morning by using a replacement weatherman.

It's Come To This

I have four DVD copies of Essential Games of the Philadelphia Phillies (provided by A&E Sports) to give away. The first five people to e-mail me ( the answer to the following question win the DVD. You must e-mail me and put "CONTEST" in the subject line.

* Which Phillies position player earned a win in the 2011 season?

UPDATE: Contest is over. Winners have been e-mailed. Answer was Wilson Valdez.

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Essential Games of the Philadelphia Phillies

Flo Rida's Whistle gets transformed into an ode about the NFL replacement refs.

Ref Video Of The Day, No. 1

This was the greatest referee controversy in U.S. history before last night.

Ref Video Of The Day, No. 2

Please come back.

Ref Video Of The Day, No. 3