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Hot Clicks: CM Punk punches fan at WWE Monday Night Raw; Rachelle Goulding

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At the end of last night's Monday Night Raw, WWE superstar C.M. Punk was in the crowd while Vince McMahon taunted him from the ring. Some fans near Punk were pushing and slapping him, so he turned around and clocked one of them -- twice. However, the fan that Punk punched wasn't one of the ones who had gotten aggressive with him, so that's a problem. All indications are that the incident was real and not part of the storyline. This is WWE's official statement on the matter.

Not In The Script

C.M. Punk :: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Last week's "Facebook conversation" between NFL quarterbacks went viral in a big way. Now we have a sequel (that is again filled with NSFW language).

They're At It Again

Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper is 1 for 10 with six strikeouts in Washington's series against St. Louis. When asked by a reporter after yesterday's game if he's overanxious, Harper got a tad snippy. On a side note, he also has excellent hair right now.

Clown Question, Part II

Model Rachelle Gouldingwas recently named a LLOD after appearing in a commercial for AXE. She just did this new photoshoot, so she had to be featured again.

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Rachelle Goulding

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Steelers running back coach Kirby Wilsontold his players Sunday that they could turn the Eagles into a fine meat delicacy.

Quote Of The Day

If you missed Ichiro Suzuki's acrobatic performance while scoring a run against the Orioles last night, check it out below.

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So immature, so low class, so crude, yet so funny.

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A lesson for all reporters: It's "ELECTED" with an "L."

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