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It's the year of Adrian Peterson. A player who obliterated his knee on Christmas Eve 2011, Peterson's comeback alone was astonishing. Now, he may be putting together the best rushing season in NFL history.

Sports Year in Review

Did that really happen? Are you ready to relive the most mind-blowing, earth-shattering, mystifying, serious and seriously sublime sports moments of the past year? This week SI.com takes a look back at the wild and woolly year in sports and ranks the best of the best from 2012. Also included are Richard Detisch's 2012 Media Awards, sport-by-sport picks for favorite story of the year as chosen by the SI.com writers, and photo galleries featuring the breakout athletes of 2012, games of the year and photos of the year.

SI Digital Bonus

There was a kid from Palestine (it's pronounced Pal-uh-STEEN), Texas that nobody knew how to tackle. This kid had lost his brother several years earlier and his father was incarcerated, but he had the strength to resist any defender in his path. That kid was Adrian Peterson. Read Austin Murphy's gripping piece about the kid they called AP, the kid that nobody knew how to tackle.

100 Greatest Photos of All-Time

This week's magazine offers you some of the finest photos of 2012, but how do they stack up against the best sports photos of all-time? Check out SI's gallery that captures not only some of the best moments in sports history, but several indelible images that will last in sports history.

Media Year in Review

Who is the media personality of the year? Who brought honor to the profession and who disgraced it? Richard Deitsch goes full bore in his sports media awards of 2012. From Buck to Bayless to Bilas to Burke, Deitsch leaves no stone unturned in his comprehensive approach.

The Clock is Ticking

Adrian Peterson is trying to use his legs to propel the Vikings to the playoffs in a muddled but exciting NFL Playoff picture. Chris Burke takes an extensive look at the playoff picture including this weekend's enormous showdown between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.

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Hall or Nothing?

It's one of the deepest classes in Hall of Fame history, and Jay Jaffe brings back his JAWS (Jaffe Wins Above Replacement Score) formula to make some tough decisions for this year's class. It may feel like Steve Finley, Fred McGriff and David Wells just retired, but they're up for nomination. Read deep into Jaffe's intricate formula to read his conclusion before making your own.

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