Daily Jolt: The NFL's most overpaid player

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Friday, August 16

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The NFL's most overpaid player

Wondering how to determine a player's value as it's tied to his salary? We adjusted each player's approximate value, an aggregate figure, over the last three seasons to a per-game number, so that players weren't penalized for games they didn't play in. We then grossed that per-game value up to a full 16-game season. For context, the average 16-game AV of players making $2 million or more per season was 7.5 over the last three years. We then compared that performance figure to each player's current average salary, via Spotrac.com, to find which NFL players have most underperformed their contracts. Per our calculations, the NFL's most overpaid player is Vikings fullback Jerome Felton. Felton, who is entering his sixth year in the league, signed a three-year, $7.5 million deal with Minnesota in March. (Forbes)Comment

Red Sox will keep an eye on Jose Abreu

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington was asked Thursday for a scouting report on first baseman Jose Abreu. Cherington, however, could offer little information on Abreu, who will be eligible for unfettered free agency -- costing the team that acquires him only money rather than a draft pick. Abreu hit .382 with a .535 OBP, .735 slugging mark, 13 homers, 37 walks and 21 strikeouts in 42 games while playing for Cienfuegos in the Cuban Serie Nacional season. "I can't give you much of a scouting report," Cherington said of Abreu. "We just don't know him well enough yet. ... As with any player that comes out of Cuba and has a chance to help us, we'll certainly do the work that we need to do. In a few months, I may be able to answer that question better. But the numbers in Cuba certainly were impressive." (WEEI.com)Comment

Blake Griffin 'definitely' a different player

Blake Griffin says he's more excited about this coming season than he's ever been, and Doc Rivers has more than a little to do with that. "One of the things [Rivers] said to me was, 'I don't want you to be afraid to go 0-for-15.' In other words, just have the mindset of a shooter. And with the work I've done this summer, I'm starting to get that confidence and think like a shooter." ... He did noticeably improve his shooting from 10-15 feet, from 27 percent in 2011-12 to 40 percent last season. Griffin thinks he still can make much improvement, however, and that when he proves he can hit a face-up jumper, it will change the way defenses play him. "We've been working on a lot of face-up stuff in the post," he said. "I'm definitely going to be used differently this year." (ESPN Los Angeles)Comment

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Eagles fans cheer after a first down at Thursday night's preseason matchup against the Panthers. (Hunter Martin/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images)

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