August 23, 2007
The Links
Today's lead Hot Click comes from Nathan Davidson of East Lansing, Mich. Nathan e-mailed us this link to the Top 10 Cheerleading Bloopers of All-Time -- with YouTubes.

In our search to find a photo to accompany this item, we came across this shot of a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader in action last weekend.

After our initial reaction of "Wow," we had to chuckle at the thought of the almighty NFL's obsession with its image. We mean, of course this is a more-than-appropriate outfit to shake around in while kids are in the stands. But don't be mistaken. We're not complaining in any way, shape or form.

Eagles cheerleader
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
Baseball's Bad Times
All we have to say about this must-see list of the Nine Baseball Moments More Wretched Than Steroids is that No. 4 is, quote, "Pedro Martinez: Used a lucky dwarf to win the World Series."
A Gift For Yankee Haters
100% Injury Rate goes on a funny rant about the most annoying fan base in sports. Hey, we're a part of that fan base! (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
The Flip Side
Earlier this week, we provided you with a link to the Angry T's All-Bust NFL team. Today, it's revealing the NFL All-Diamond in the Rough Team.
Athletes As Actors

The Rock :: Mario Tama/Getty Images
Sons of Sam Malone tackles the topic of athletes in movies. They're ranking the best (The Rock) and worst (Dennis Rodman) performances.
Get On A Bandwagon
If you're looking for a sleeper NFL team to latch onto this season, Ghosts of Wayne Fontes provides you with a sure-fire formula on how to pick a squad.
If You Have $284 To Spend...
...Then get ready for Nov. 6, when the entire series of Seinfeld -- 180 episodes on 32 discs -- comes out on DVD.
Hayden Update
Since this is "Hayden Panettiere Turns 18 Week," here's some news on the Heroes star -- she's become the latest celeb to appear in those "Got Milk" ads. More important, People has video of her photo shoot. (Thanks to Rich O'Malley of Astoria, N.Y. for the link.)
Videos of the Day
Nothing But Net
You might get nauseous from the camera work, and you have to look very closely to see where the ball ends up, but this clip is worth watching.

Madden 92 Ambulance Montage
This brings back so many memories.

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