In a video for DC Shoes, Australian FMX biker Robbie Maddison demonstrated a different way to ride a wave.

By SI Wire
August 04, 2015

In a video for DC Shoes, Australian FMX biker Robbie Maddison demonstrated a different way to ride a wave.

While clothed in his freestyle motocross gear, the stunt rider known as “Maddo” rode his motorbike directly into some of the world's roughest waves off the coast of Tahiti.

The 34-year-old told Rolling Stone that riding on water had been a dream of his since childhood, when he both surfed and rode motocross.

“This dream is about combining two of my life's passions in order to do something that has never been attempted,” Maddison said.

The daredevil admitted on SportsCenter on Sunday, however, that the endeavor was a scary one.

Maddison has previously made stunt appearances in the 2012 feature flick “Skyfall.”

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- Kayla Lombardo

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