Simi Valley High School football coach fired over music video about drugs

Simi Valley High School defensive coordinator Otis Newell was fired for appearing in a rap music video depicting the sale of illegal drugs.
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Otis Newell, former defensive coordinator at Simi Valley High School in California, was fired after a fellow coach found a music video for his rap song “U Need It I Got It.”

In the video, Newell, whose stage name is Big Pho, appears to be selling drugs out of an ice cream truck.

The Watts, California native told CBS LA on Monday that he feels the situation “went way too far, way too fast.”

“It's a depiction of pretty much how I grew up, and there's no secret that in the city where I come from, drugs and gang violence were everyday parts of my life,” Newell said in regards to the video

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In a letter to Newell, the school district informed the coach that the decision to fire him was directly related to separating the district from any “negative images and illegal activity, whether real or fictitious.”

The district acknowledged that the video is not reflective of Newell's current lifestyle, but also stated that they cannot support the activities portrayed in it. 

Newell said football allowed him to get away from illegal activity and feels these subjects should be discussed with students.

“If nobody talks about it, and nobody attacks the subject, then the same thing just keeps happening,” Newell said