SI Media Podcast: ESPN’s Holly Rowe

On this episode of the SI Media Podcast, host Richard Deitsch speaks with ESPN reporter Holly Rowe.
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Welcome to episode No. 42 of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch. In this podcast, which is published weekly, Deitsch interviews members of the sports media about their work and interesting people about the sports media. This week’s podcast guest is ESPN reporter Holly Rowe, who works on a variety of sports for the network including college basketball, college football, gymnastics and volleyball.

In this episode, Rowe talks about her recent diagnosis with a rare form of melanoma cancer that has spread through her body (this is her second bout with cancer—she had a cancerous tumor removed from her chest last May), and that the recent support she has received has been tremendous; she heard from Les Miles, Urban Meyer and Charles Barkley, to name a few. Rowe also discusses what it’s like to compete in an industry that seems to prize youth and beauty over other attributes, why Brent Musburger has been so successful for so long, her hardest interviews on the sidelines, why Doris Burke is among the toughest people she’s met in broadcasting, working the sidelines of memorable games like the 2006 Rose Bowl, being a single parent in broadcasting and much more.

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