Plank said earlier that Trump was an "asset" to the country. 

By SI Wire
February 15, 2017

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank clarified his previous comments on Donald Trump and publicly opposed Trump's immigration ban in a full-page letter in the Baltimore Sun.

Last week, Plank said in an interview on CNBC that Trump's business mindset and background makes him a "real asset" to the country. 

"In a business interview last week, I answered a question with a choice of words that did not accurately reflect my intent," the letter says. 

Plank's comments on Trump drew the ire of multiple Under Armour-sponsored teams and athletes. Stephen Curry, perhaps the most recognizable athlete to endorse the brand, said he agreed with Planks comments if one removes the "et" from "asset." Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and ballerina Misty Copeland also distanced themselves from Plank's comments. German soccer club and Under Armour-endorser St. Pauli FC agreed with Curry and urged Plank to reconsider his statement.  

The letter in the Sun states that Under Armour, which is based in Baltimore, publicly opposes Trump's controversial immigration ban and that it will "join a coalition of companies in opposition to any new actions that negatively affect our team, their families or our community."

The letter finishes: "We will continue to stand for equality, diversity and opportunity for all. In a time of division, we aspire to be a force of unity, growth and optimism for our city and our country. I hope we always make Baltimore proud."

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