The Michigan rowing team had a close call on Wednesday.

By Jeremy Woo
May 18, 2017

The Michigan rowing team had a close call on Wednesday after their boat was struck by a speedboat during practice on Belleville Lake, just outside Ann Arbor.

The Detroit News reports the boat was left in pieces after the collision, which left rowers to swim back to shore on their own as the driver of the speedboat continued on his way and fled the scene. One rower had an injury deemed minor.

“I'm surprised that given the circumstances and the situation that we didn't have something more serious in nature," said Jason Wright, deputy director of the Belleville Township Police Department. "We are very fortunate we didn't lose a student out there.”

The driver was later arrested after police found him driving in the area pulling the yellow speedboat.

Michigan is ranked No. 4 in the country and will compete in the NCAA championships next week.

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