Jazz remain in tune

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Led by All-Star forward Carlos Boozer and point guard Deron Williams, the Jazz had won 17 of 20 games at week's end. Utah recently ran off a 10-game win streak to join the Pistons and Blazers as the only teams to post a double-digit run this season. As usual, Utah has been tough at home all season (22-3, tied with the Mavs for the NBA's best). Lately, however, they have been winning on the road, pulling out victories in five of their last six contests in enemy arenas.

Will Jerry Sloan's crew be able to continue their surge after the All-Star break? We'll see. This year's Western race seems to produce a new "hot" team each week. But for now, it's enough to put Utah atop these rankings.

This week's high riser: Pistons (No. 3 from 8) This week's big drop: Suns (No. 10 from 3)

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