Bucks' Przybilla suspended one game for ball toss at ref

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ByBen Golliver

The NBA announced Sunday that Bucks center Joel Przybilla has been suspended one game for throwing the basketball at a referee and hitting him on the back during a Saturday night loss to the Clippers.

Przybilla will be forced to sit out a Tuesday night game against the Pacers in Milwaukee.

With the Clippers leading 105-81 with 1:36 remaining in the fourth quarter, Przybilla collected the ball after a made basket and softly arched it towards halfcourt. The referee in question had his back to the toss while signaling a foul call to the scorer's table. Przybilla was assessed a technical foul on the play.

Przybilla, 33, is on the books for $1.4 million this season. The one-game suspension will cost him roughly $12,200 dollars.

A 13-year NBA veteran, Przybilla is averaging 0.2 points and 1.9 rebounds in 6.4 minutes per game after signing with the Bucks this offseason.

Video via YouTube user theassociation