Video: Clippers' Griffin spikes one-hand dunk to finish alley-oop off the glass

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ByBen Golliver

It's no easy task finding a new dunk archetype to add to Clippers forward Blake Griffin's deep catalogue, but a Monday game against the Pistons just might have produced a worthy candidate.

This alley-oop's individual elements aren't necessarily unique but their combination in rapid succession makes this worth a few viewings. Leading 84-76 over the Pistons in the final minute of regulation, the Clippers found themselves on a three-on-zero fast break with no one in pursuit. Forward Matt Barnes collected the ball in the paint and lofted it up against the glass for a trailing Griffin, who was began preparations for punishing the rim well outside the three-point line.  Griffin leaped off both feet, catching the off-the-glass alley-oop with one hand and getting his head at rim level before going into a little Air Jordan spread eagle as he completed a monster one-hand dunk.

The dunk actually prompted the road crowd at the Palace of Auburn Hills to stand and applaud. You don't see that every day.

The Clippers went on to win 88-76 to improve to 18-6 on the season. Griffin finished with 15 points, four rebounds, three assists, two steals and one block while shooting six-for-11 in 28 minutes. Brandon Knight led the Pistons with 16 points, five assists and five rebounds.

Video via YouTube user Clipper Nation | Hat tip: @maxamillion711