Video: Perkins sticks the jumper, holds follow-through for days

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By Rob Mahoney

Although the Thunder do a good job of swinging the ball to Kendrick Perkins when he's in a position to score (arguably too good a job, given his offensive limitations), the forces at work in the basketball universe don't often place Perkins 17 feet away from the rim with no defender in sight and delusions of shooting grandeur bopping about his brain. Yet that very thing happened in Monday's game against the San Antonio Spurs, and Perk not only converted his attempt thanks to a kind roll off the front rim, but milked his follow-through for all it was worth.

Better yet: this was the second such shot Perkins converted for the evening, good for just his 10th and 11th mid-range makes this season. Live it up, Perk — your rickety catapult set shot won't soon inspire fear in the hearts of opposing defenders, but it's good for a bucket once a week or so and clearly worth a YouTube clip every now and again.

H/T: Zach Harper.