NOC's 'The 12 Dunks of Christmas'

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By Ben Golliver

The basketball-themed Christmas Carol viral video market is a crowded one, but The NOC has found a way to join the party thanks to a nice twist. In its latest offering, "The 12 Dunks of Christmas," the online video production studio rewrites The 12 Days of Christmas with dunk-themed lyrics then remixes the song with video interpretations of all 12 dunks. Filmed on an empty playground, the spot includes a number of popular Slam Dunk Contest gimmicks -- dunking over people, dunking blindfolded -- and all the obvious signature slams -- windmills, 360s, tomahawks, etc. -- are included.

By the end, a male actor has performed 12 "off-the-backboards," 11 "over-this-guys," 10 "blind-folded," nine "dressed as Santa," eight "no-a-lookings," seven "winds-a-milling," six "rock-the-cradles," five "alley-oops," four "between-the-legs, three-sixties, two tomahawks and a dunk with a ball in each hand."

The video stays true to the carol's lyrics and pace so it takes more than four minutes for the whole thing to play out. Honestly, it's almost exhausting. Even though the actor only dunks 12 separate times the cutting and repetitious lyrics make for nearly eighty dunks over the course of the song. Get that man some ice, Gatorade and a Christmas dinner.

This video joins others in helping build the excitement for the NBA's quintuple-header on Christmas Day.

Earlier this week, the NBA released a video of its players singing Jingle Bells. Back in November, the NBA aired an ad with a number of players dribbling to the tune of Carol of the Bells.  The NBA also tabbed Knicks fan Spike Lee to reminisce on the greatness of Bernard King and featured Thunder star Kevin Durant and his mother, Wanda Pratt, in a black-and-white spot.

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