Top 5 NBA logos

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Michael Jordan dunks

By Ben Eagle

The unveiling of the New Orleans Pelicans' new logo got us thinking: What are the best logos in the NBA? Find our picks below. Disagree? Let us know your favorites in the comment section.

5. Chicago Bulls: In the '90s that furrowed brow was emblematic of Michael Jordan's take-no-prisoner attitude. Today, it meshes with the rugged, defensive mindset Tom Thibodeau instills in his team every night. Any logo that stands the test of time like that deserves to crack our top five. (Photo above by Manny Millan/SI)

Larry Bird slices to the rim

4. Boston Celtics: It's campy and busy, two things a logo should never be. And yet it just works. The leprechaun is instantly recognizable in any context, and his lucky touch has propelled the Celtics to 17 titles. (Photo: Manny Millan/SI)

Tim Duncan boxes out Blake Griffin

3. San Antonio Spurs: Solid, but not flashy, this logo embodies the ethos of Tim Duncan and the Spurs to a tee. Bonus points for the clever integration of the spur into the "U." Sadly, much like Duncan himself, this logo is underappreciated by fans. (Photo: Greg Nelson/SI)

LeBron James goes up for a layup

2. Miami Heat: Some say Miami is all style, no substance, but its logo is anything but. Can you blame LeBron for taking his talents to South Beach? (Photo: Greg Nelson/SI)

Julius Erving dunks on the Bucks

1. Philadelphia 76ers:

modern logo