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Video: Spurs' Patty Mills demonstrates his various towel-waving techniques

By Rob Mahoney

Patty Mills averages just a shade under 10 minutes a game for the Spurs, but he approaches his limited role with a certain exuberance. Parse through Mills' Twitter feed and you'll find that his towel-waving is something of a badge of honor -- a point of pride for a player who clearly values camaraderie above most all else. He contributes to the team when and however he can, and when you can't find Mills skipping around the court, you're likely to see him going hog wild on the Spurs' bench in response to the latest display of San Antonio's pitch-perfect execution.

I say all of this to make it abundantly clear that the above video is a master class with a man deeply committed to his craft. Put Mills on the court, and he's a perfectly fine NBA player. Take him off of it, and he becomes an artist.