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Clippers fan hits half-court shot and wins car at halftime of Spurs-Clippers

By Ben Golliver

2013 is shaping up to be an absolutely outstanding year for fan-related half-court success at NBA games -- and we're still only in February.

Back in January, a Hawks season ticket-holder named Kevin had a chance to win $1,000 by hitting a half-court shot, only to have his attempt come to rest, impossibly, on the back of the rim. A few weeks later, a fan at a Heat game hit a half-court hook shot to win $75,000 and then got the memory of a lifetime, with LeBron James tackling him in celebration.

That brings us to the Staples Center on Thursday when a Clippers season ticket-holder named Hagop Blikian won himself a Dodge Dart by hitting a half-court shot. Blikian, wearing a Jamal Crawford jersey, opted for a two-handed push from his chest and his shot swished in perfectly as he leaned back to help will the ball in. With stunt team organizers and the Clippers dancers looking on, Blikian pumped his first and earned a hug from a television host standing by.


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