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Video: Kings’ Tyreke Evans embarrasses himself at end of loss to Heat

By Rob Mahoney

There's an expected decorum when it comes to closing out the final seconds of a deciding game, but Sacramento's Tyreke Evans wasn't at all interested in good manners on Tuesday.

With about 16 seconds remaining in double overtime and his team trailing Miami by 12 points, Evans saw fit to play possum with Dwyane Wade -- first feigning disinterest as the clock wound down, and then springing toward the Heat guard to poke his dribble loose. It ultimately looked to be a less-inspired execution of the trickery that Caron Butler pulled on Jonas Valanciunas earlier this month, until Evans veered toward the basket and promptly botched his stolen layup.

That's what really sells this clip. Without the blunder, Evans is just being flippant with an unwritten rule and irking Wade. There's nothing wrong with that, per se, but Evans really mints YouTube gold by capping his clowning with a layup that dies on the rim. The troll becomes the trolled, and the circle of life goes on.