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Raptors' Mickael Pietrus videobombs TV broadcast with crazy dancing

By Ben Golliver

The term "videobombing" doesn't really do Raptors swingman Mickael Pietrus justice in this clip. This is more like a video carpet bombing.

As the Raptors prepared to play the Cavaliers in Cleveland on Wednesday -- a game that they went on to lose 103-92 -- Pietrus sneaked up behind the NBA TV Canada broadcast crew during a live shot and began dancing. That's not a totally unusual sight, but things got interesting when Pietrus stuck with the gag. And stuck with it. And stuck with it.

For nearly a half-minute, Pietrus bounced, laughed, boogied, shimmy-shaked, spun in circle, pumped his fist and even pulled out a few Uma Thurman moves from Pulp Fiction as Paul Jones and Sherman Hamilton tried to keep their composure. Could Pietrus be any more committed to his cameo here? Impossible. He hasn't played since Jan. 9, though, so it's no surprise that he has this much excess energy.

The Raptors fell to 23-35 with the loss and now sit six games out of the Eastern Conference's playoff picture. Not that you could tell by their joie de vivre. Remember, Amir Johnsonled the team in a solid rendition of the "Harlem Shake" just a few days ago. Nobody is having more fun losing than these guys.

Video via YouTube user torontoraptors

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