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Video: Ex-NBA player Renaldo Balkman goes berserk, chokes teammate


By Rob Mahoney

Renaldo Balkman was an NBA player as recently as last season, but of late he has plied his trade in the Phillipine Basketball Association -- presumably due to a lack of alternatives. It's not at all surprising that Balkman found himself nudged out of the league; there is only so much room for 27-year-old wing players with unrefined games after all, and Balkman showed little to no development over the course of his six-year NBA career. What is a bit surprising is that Balkman is stealing headlines at all at this stage in his basketball career, though if you watch the above video you'll quickly understand the bizarre events that have led us all to this point.

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Balkman was never a particularly fiery personality during his time in the NBA, and one could go so far as to describe his play as occasionally disengaged. That makes it all the more strange that Balkman boiled over in a PBA game to the point of shoving his own assistant coach, making contact with a referee, and ultimately pushing and choking his own teammates. Something sent Balkman into a blind rage, but the play prior to the incident featured exorbitantly little contact and no discernible trigger. He just snapped, and Balkman's anger escalated as he progressed from official to official, ultimately culminating in him lunging at the neck of his own teammate. Unreal.

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