By Matt Dollinger
March 15, 2013

LeBron James playing Eliot Ness. Gregg Popovich channeling Keyser Söze. Paul Pierce cast as Benjamin Button. Andrew Bynum as Ferris Bueller.

OK, so maybe those comparisons are a little ridiculous, but they're not as far off as you think.

With only a month remaining in the regular season, we've got a pretty clear picture of the NBA's power hierarchy and its major players and supporting actors. Taking that theme to heart, this week's Power Rankings have assigned movie titles to all 30 teams describing their 2012-13 season. Some teams take their movie titles literally, while others have parallels to the movie's main characters or major plots.

For the fifth straight week, the Heat top the rankings, but we've got plenty of drama in the top five as two unheralded contenders move ahead of a Western stalwart (for now) after another perfect week. Further down, the Lakers continue their steady ascent, while the Pistons inch closer to reaching rock bottom.

(Note: All statistics and records are through March 14.)

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