Video: Chris Paul shows off his acting chops with wild flop

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By Rob Mahoney

Chris Paul isn't just a master of exaggerating contact, but a flopping wizard capable of conjuring phantom fouls out of thin air. That sleight of hand is an altogether riskier gambit, but one far less reliant on situation. Because of Paul's size and tendency to mix it up with other NBA players, he's been able to draw the occasional foul merely by standing close to certain opponents and flailing wildly in response to the slightest movement. It is, without fail, hilarious -- both for Paul's completely unneeded gamesmanship and the often incredulous looks Paul receives from his flopping victims.

On Wednesday, Paul cleverly marked DeMarcus Cousins for just such a flop, though frankly his work on this play was unconvincing. It may have been enough to catch the peripheral vision of some officials on some nights, but this crew wasn't fooled, leaving Paul to flutter through his motion in the backcourt before attempting to casually return to the game. Watch, enjoy and try to hold back the laughter over one of the game's best getting caught in the act.

Tom Ziller, SB Nation