Leak from scoreboard delays game between Heat and Cavaliers

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By Ben Golliver

A Wednesday night game between the Heat and Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena was delayed for 35 minutes because fluid dripped from the scoreboard onto the court.

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert tweeted the news after officials opted not to tip off the game following introductions.

"Scoreboard is leaking fluid on to floor," he wrote. "We need to lower scoreboard to fix. Never seen this one before. Going to be several minutes to fix."

The jumbotron was indeed lowered towards the court, as shown in the video above, so that maintenance workers could address the leak. As that happened, a blaring siren noise droned on in the background of the television broadcast. Both teams were sent back to their respective locker rooms as the public address announcer informed the crowd that the game would be delayed for 15 minutes.

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported that the pre-game show was to blame.

It was determined that condensation from a carbon dioxide canister -- used during the scoreboard's pre-game pyrotechnics -- was the origin of the moisture.

The teams had been introduced and were all set to tip off when a small army of security people and arena workers began mopping up moisture near halfcourt across from benches.

The two teams went through a second warm-up period after the issue was addressed before the game finally started.

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