Danny Granger to miss remainder of season after additional knee surgery

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Danny Granger will miss the remainder of the 2012-13 season after undergoing yet another knee surgery. (Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images)

Danny Granger will miss the rest of the season for the Indiana Pacers

By Rob Mahoney

Mere days after Indiana head coach Frank Vogel made note of Danny Granger's seemingly imminent return, the Pacers have ruled their high-scoring forward out for the season. According to the team, Granger will undergo another surgery on his left knee after lingering soreness was not relieved by rest and rehabilitation, thus removing any possibility for Granger to bolster Indiana's lineup during the playoffs. He is expected to be available for the start of training camp next season.

This has been a trying season for Granger, who managed to play just five games in between his two surgical procedures. Indiana, on the other hand, has fared surprisingly well in Granger’s absence with a 45-27 record, good for No. 3 in the East. They even managed to score at an above-average rate over the last 20 games, per NBA.com, after previously ranking near the bottom of the league in offensive efficiency. That, in addition to Indiana's fantastically stingy defense, should keep the Pacers rooted firmly in the East's second tier to contend with the likes of New York and Brooklyn for the honor of being the conference's runner-up.

But any hope that Indiana had of elevating their play with a late-season addition is now gone; Granger represented the difference between the Pacers merely competing with the Heat and actually challenging them in a potential playoff series, if only because of the strategic boon that he provided to Vogel in terms of matchup manipulation and starter/reserve balance. As it stands, Indiana will do fine in leaning heavily on a sturdy starting lineup, but ultimately looks to fall a bit short of Miami's incredible benchmark. There's no shame in that, and even without Granger we can be assured that a smart, hard-working Pacers team will manage a perfectly respectable postseason showing.

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