Video: Warriors' Andrew Bogut throws down poster dunk on Nuggets' JaVale McGee

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Before Stephen Currywent nuts in the third quarter to put away the Nuggets in Game 4 of a Western Conference first-round playoff series on Sunday, Warriors center Andrew Bogut was at the top of the highlight package thanks to a massive poster dunk over JaVale McGee.

With a little more than five minutes remaining in the first quarter, Bogut took advantage of the Nuggets double-teaming Curry, stepping into space at the top of the key to receive a bounce pass as Wilson Chandler jumped out to provide a double-team. As the Nuggets tried to stay home on the Warriors' shooters, Bogut simply trucked untouched down the middle of the paint, elevating from just outside the protected circle to throw down a one-hand dunk over a late-arriving McGee. Dunker-on-victim slams don't get any more direct than this.

The Australian center finished with 12 points (on six-for-nine shooting), five rebounds and two blocks in 26 minutes.

Bogut's slam over McGee joins Thunder forward Kevin Durant, Bulls forward Taj GibsonPacers forward Gerald GreenPacers center Roy Hibbert and Warriors forward Harrison Barnes in the “Dunk of the Playoffs” conversation.

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Video via YouTube user NBA