Video: Thunder's Kevin Durant viciously blocks little kids at basketball camp

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Thunder forward Kevin Durant made it crystal clear in a Sports Illustrated cover story in April: He is absolutely sick of finishing second.

Apparently that applies to games of one-on-one against little kids at his basketball camp. Above, a video of Durant blocking -- nay, mauling -- shot attempts from attendees of the Kevin Durant Basketball ProCamp in Norman, Okla., this week. Durant sends two shots sailing, volleyball-style, all the way down the court, as dozens of campers snicker.

Nike spent last season running a "KD is not nice" campaign to pump up his toughness, and Durant, famously polite and with a spotless off-court reputation, did incur a career-high 12 technical fouls in 2012-13 and was fined for a "menacing" throat slash gesture in April.

Before you even think of wondering whether the NBA's favorite son is a changed man, keep in mind that he also donated $1 million to tornado relief, proposed to his basketball-playing girlfriend and committed early to play for USA Basketball in next summer's FIBA World Cup. Same old KD.

Footnote: The long-armed Durant registered a career-high 105 blocks during the regular season and added another 12 in the playoffs, including this phenomenal chase-down swat of Grizzlies guard Jerryd Bayless during the Western Conference semifinals.

Top video via Instagram user easymoneysniper | Hat tip: SlamOnline

Bottom video via YouTube user sky2847