DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin dress up for superhero-themed costume party

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DeAndre Jordan partied as Captain Planet. He's a hero, and he's gonna take pollution down to zero. (Photo on left via Jordan's Instagram account, deandrejordan6)

DeAndre Jordan

Clippers center DeAndre Jordan is a character all his own, a 6-foot-11 power dunker, committed prankster and master of the arts. But over the weekend Jordan went all out to become Captain Planet for his superhero-themed costume party.

There are no half-measures here. Jordan sports the full leotard, green wig (with matching eyebrows!) and blue flesh tone necessary to pull off the part. That level of dedication is essential from the host of any costume party, and it's clear that Jordan's guests followed suit (via Jordan's Instagram):


Dressing up as Quailman (right of center, sporting a "Q" on his shirt) or Duffman (slight right, in a blue cut-off) is a bit of a cop-out for a party like this one, but otherwise Jordan's guests brought the goods with some quality costumes. Here's Clippers teammate Blake Griffin, going as Bane (via Griffin's Instagram):

Blake Griffin

Jordan's look steals the show based on pure ridiculousness. He posted a step-by-step look at his transformation:

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 10.31.36 AM

Great work by Jordan, who embraced the fanciful bent of the superhero party platform to embody a goofier caped crusader/'90s icon/eco-terrorist.