Timberwolves debut black, sleeved 'Lights Out' alternate jerseys vs. Nuggets

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The Minnesota Timberwolves have new black, sleeved "Lights Out" alternate jerseys. (Adidas)


The Timberwolves became the latest NBA team to join the sleeved jersey movement, debuting a black "Lights Out" alternate jersey during a Wednesday night against the Nuggets.

Minnesota's new Adidas look includes an all-black base with "Wolves" in white letters across the chest above the player's numbers. Both the text and the numbers are surrounded by light blue trim. The neckline also sports light blue trim while the jersey's sides feature a repeating white and black striped pattern surrounded by light blue trim.

The jersey is paired with black shorts that have the same white/ black striped pattern and light blue trim combination running down the sides.

“We’re excited to debut the new black jerseys tonight,” said Timberwolves forward Kevin Love. “We’ve had a chance to get a sneak peek at the jerseys, and are looking forward to wearing them and hope our fans enjoy them as much as we do.”

Designed by adidas, the black short-sleeve uniforms are inspired by the rich, sophisticated nightlife of Minneapolis and continue the black uniform tradition the team began in 1996. It features side panels with repeated “M” and “W” patterns to represent the team name. Timberwolves players were involved throughout the design and evaluation process.

The "Lights Out" jerseys have white and black stripes along the side. (Adidas)


These jerseys probably say "carefree kindergarten sleepover" more than "rich, sophisticated nightlife" but at least they are distinct. It's surely no coincidence that their debut comes just days before "Black Friday" shopping madness.

Here's Ricky Rubio modeling the new look during Wednesday's game.

Ricky Rubio sports Minnesota's new black, sleeved jersey. (David Sherman/Getty Images)

(David Sherman/Getty Images)

This shot of Kevin Love shows off the full jersey/short combination.

Kevin Love wears Minnesota's new black, sleeved jersey. (David Sherman/Getty Images)

(David Sherman/Getty Images)

The Timberwolves join the Clippers (light blue), the Warriors (yellow and white) and the Suns (orange) in using sleeved designs in 2013.

All 10 teams that will play on Christmas Day will wear special "BIG logo" sleeved uniforms.

Lakers also debuted their black "Hollywood Nights" alternate jerseys