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The NBA's best viral videos of 2013

Nick Young, DeAndre Jordan and Tiago Splitter all had memorable moments in 2013. (Getty Images)

The Point Forward's best videos of 2013

With 2013 coming to a close, The Point Forward decided to take a stroll down memory lane and look back at its favorite videos from the past year. Below you'll find some of the NBA's most memorable viral videos that have graced this space over the past 12 months, including soda spills, buzzer beaters, accidental head shots and more. If you're looking for just dunks, click here. If you want a little bit of everything, scroll down and enjoy the best must-see videos of the year that was.

10. Joey Crawford came "this close" to throwing out a 76ers mop boy. That would be a pretty crazy sentence if it started with any name other than "Joey Crawford."

9. Jason Kidd intentionally spills soda so Nets can draw up playDesperate times call for desperate measures. If Joey Crawford had been calling this game he would have ejected Kidd, the mop boy and both their mothers.

8. Nick Young bricking a crazy 360 layup that he had no business attemptingToo. Much. Swag.

7. Hawks fan's half-court heave rests perfectly on the rimNarrowly edging LeBron James tackling a fan after he hit a shot for $75K is this submission from Atlanta, which epitomizes the Philips Arena experience.

6. Bobcats' Henderson apologizes after hitting woman in face with errant passThis video starts inauspiciously enough, but follow Gerald Henderson's pass into the stands and you'll see a Bobcats fan drop like a sack of potatoes. Really, really heavy potatoes.

5. Wide-eyed Tyler Hansbrough backs down from Metta World Peace. I'M SO SORRY, METTA! I HAD NO IDEA! MY BAD! 'Pyscho T' looked ready to unleash a world of hurt on whoever was hanging on his back until he turned around and stared down the scariest man in the NBA.

My bad, bro. (ESPN on YouTube)

Tyler Hansbrough thought twice on this play. (ESPN on YouTube)

Just as good as this still is watching Hansbrough's recognition of World Peace (oh, the irony) as the instigator in the video. And while it's easy to poke fun at Tyler, apologizing immediately was hands-down the best decision of his life.

4. NBA suspends Dwyane Wade for low blow to Bobcats' SessioonsD-Wade's on-off reputation as a "dirty player" became a topic of discussion once again after this dirty hit on Ramon Sessions.

Said Wade after the game: “I’m far from being a dirty player and my intent was never to kick Ramon Sessions."

Really? Then what was it?

3. The Floppies: Ranking the 10 most ridiculous dives of the season

There were so many good flops in 2013 it was hard to pick out just one, but we went with the Point Forward's No. 1 selection of 2012-13. Check out the post to see the best/worst flops of the year. But first, a public shaming of Chris Paul:

2. Caron Butler tricks Raptors with fake high-five in garbage timeThis one might be the funniest and the meanest video on this list. You've got to give Butler credit for pulling a fast one on the Raptors and scoring some of the stinkiest garbage points in history.

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1. Clippers' DeAndre Jordan dunks over Pistons' Brandon KnightIt was one of's 113 Best Moments of the Year and it's firmly ingrained into our memories. No matter how many times you watch DeAndre Jordan throw down the perfect dunk on Brandon Knight, it seems to get even more thunderous the next.

Three underrated moments from this clip: the reaction on the Clippers' bench, the face DeAndre Jordan makes at the end, and the fact that Brandon Knight was able to stand up and continue his NBA career (albeit in a different city).

Honorable Mention: Best of the rest

These videos didn't make the cut, but we couldn't do this post without them. Here's the best of the rest from 2013:

Video: Heat's LeBron James angrily confronts Mario Chalmers during huddleHe apologized later, but LeBron screaming at 'Rio pretty much confirmed what we already thought about the Heat's intrasquad relationships.

A few other of our favorite "angry" moments: Nazr Mohammed carrying out a hit on LeBronTony Allen introducing his foot to Chris Paul's faceSerge Ibaka and Matt Barnes getting along swimmingly and, of course, Stephen Jackson explaining why he choked Steve Francis in the club. The NBA: Where Amazing Happens.

• Julius 'Dr. J' Erving can still dunk a basketball at age 63.It has been 27 years since Dr. J played in the NBA, yet the Hall of Famer proved he can still play above the rim with a running head start. Not bad for a guy who retired before Kevin Durant was born.

• We also have 50-year-old Michael Jordan throwing down and punking some little kids, which is exactly what we imagine him doing on a daily basis at the Charlotte YMCA.

Heat dispute reports Michael Beasley required treatment for punching self in headJust read that headline again. Let the significance sink in. The Heat had to formally dispute the claim that one of its players punched himself in the head so hard that he required medical treatment. For punching himself. In the head. Sigh. I present this video:

Runner-Up for Mid-Game Self-Inflicted Head Wounds: No one. Ever. Because, duh.

Jeff Green's buzzer-beater with 0.6 seconds left to beat the HeatDead-on Ray Allen impression.

• An insane outlet pass from Kevin Love for your viewing pleasureIt's the little things in life that matter.

Wizards announcer mistakes Trevor Ariza's last second air-ball for 'DAGGER!'It gets funnier every time.

Greg Oden dunks on first NBA touch in 1,418 days. Get well soon, Greg.

Referee Bill Kennedy caught caught on hot mic telling coaches he's 'stalling' for TVThis one didn't exactly extinguish any lingering conspiracy theories held by paranoid NBA fans.

• And last, but not least: LeBron with simply, as Mike Breen correctly calls, one of the best blocks you'll ever see