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Video: Pistons' Greg Monroe dunks over Wizards' John Wall in transition

Greg Monroe rose up to throw down a big dunk over John Wall in transition during Detroit's 106-99 home loss to Washington on Monday.

With a little over four minutes remaining in the first quarter and the Pistons leading 22-19, Monroe intercepted a pass from Wall and took off for the races. The 6-foot-11 Monroe slowed down a bit as he approached the paint, allowing the 6-foot-4 Wall enough time to get back to contest the shot.

The left-handed Monroe took off from outside the protected circle to toss home a southpaw slam over the top of Wall, who challenged the play with his right hand. Monroe's momentum and the force of the dunk wound up sending him spilling to the court on the baseline during his descent. Even if this was a big-on-small poster, which is never quite as exciting as the small-on-big variety, Monroe deserves some love for the next-level coordination and extension he displayed during the finish.

Greg Monroe extends for a dunk over John Wall. (NBA on YouTube)

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Greg Monroe extends for a dunk over John Wall. (NBA on YouTube)

Monroe tallied a team-high 22 points (on 7-for-17 shooting) and 10 rebounds in the loss. Andre Drummond added 16 points (on 7-for-10 shooting) and 16 rebounds for Detroit.

Wall finished with a game-high 29 points (on 7-for-15 shooting), seven assists and four rebounds in the win. Trevor Ariza added 15 points (on 5-for-11 shooting), 11 rebounds and six steals for Washington.

The Wizards improved to 14-14 with their second straight win. The Pistons dropped to 14-19 with their third straight loss.

Video via YouTube user NBA