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Video: Andre Drummond's Rising Stars MVP trophy breaks during presentation

NEW ORLEANS -- Andre Drummond's Rising Stars Challenge MVP trophy broke during the post-game ceremony on Friday.

"It happened last year too so I wasn't expecting anything less," Drummond said during a post-game press conference. "Usually a slip-up happens ever year with the trophy so I wasn't too shocked about that."

The mishap occurred as BBVA chief operating officer Angel Cano attempted to hand the trophy to the Pistons' second-year center. The trophy, which has a black base and a glass top design, separated into multiple pieces, with the glass top falling off the base. The glass top didn't shatter, though, so Drummond tried to save the moment by holding the trophy together with both hands as he raised it to show the crowd.

Knicks guard Tim Hardaway Jr. grabbed the microphone from TNT commentator Craig Sager and deadpanned: "ESPN Not Top 10."

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So what should the NBA do to ensure that this doesn't happen again in 2015?

"I think they should change it up so it's not in two pieces," Drummond quipped.

The cringe-inducing conclusion didn't totally spoil a strong night for Drummond, who led Team Hill to a 142-136 victory over Team Webber by posting 30 points (on 12-for-21 shooting) and 25 rebounds.

"It was my mindset to come out and play with energy like I had been all year," he added. "I had my mindset to win the MVP and win the game, and I went out there and did it."

Video via YouTube user nbaus3030 | Hat tip: @jose3030