Video: Blake Griffin takes exception to flagrant foul from Trevor Booker

A "fight" during the preseason? The Clippers' Blake Griffin took exception to a flagrant foul by the Jazz' Trevor Booker during their game on Friday night at the Staples Center.
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Clippers All-Star forward Blake Griffin engaged in a minor scrap with Jazz forward Trevor Booker during the third quarter of a preseason game at the Staples Center on Friday night.

The incident was set off by a flagrant foul one from Booker across Griffin's body as Griffin rose for a transition lay-up. Griffin took exception to the contact and the two stared each other down before Griffin briefly grabbed Booker around the neck.

The flagrant foul occurred with 2:56 remaining in the third quarter with Utah leading 66-61. A flagrant foul one applies to contact that is deemed "unnecessary."  

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Griffin, Chris Paul and Booker all received technical fouls during the foul's aftermath.

Add this exchange to a lengthy list of hard fouls absorbed by Griffin in recent years. In March,Suns forward P.J. Tucker was ejected for a flagrant hit on Griffin. In January, Pacers forward David West was ejected for delivering a flagrant elbow to Griffin. He was later fined $15,000.

Following a 2013 Christmas Day game, Warriors forward Draymond Green was fined $15,000 for failing to leave the court after he was ejected for delivering a flagrant elbow to Griffin's head. In November 2013, Heat guard Mario Chalmers delivered a forearm to Griffin's neck that earned him a $15,000 fine.