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LeBron James has improved since graphic showed his poor shooting

LeBron James has improved shooting since seeing a graphic that showed he was one of the worst shooting player in the NBA outside of the paint. 
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LeBron James is hitting 57.8 percent of his shots after seeing a graphic by's John Schuhmann on his Instagram feed that said he was one of the worst shooting players in the NBA outside of the paint, according to Chris Haynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The stats by Schuhmann can be seen below:

“I actually saw [it] on my Instagram feed that I was the worst-shooting player in the NBA,” James said. “I actually saw that when I woke up from a nap. I remember exactly when that was. Denver. Right before the Denver game, so I answered the call.”

Since the graphic's release, James has improved his midrange shooting to 52.9% and 43.3% for his 3-pointers. The Cavaliers are 5–0 including the win against the Denver Nuggets.

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- Christopher Chavez