Report: NBA owners to pass rule allowing ads on jerseys

NBA owners are reportedly expected to pass rule allowing ads on jerseys.
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NBA owners are expected to pass a rule allowing advertisements on jerseys, reports ESPN.

The owners are scheduled to vote on the new rule this week. The advertisements would be a 2.5-by-2.5-inch patch on the left shoulder.

The uniforms at this year’s All-Star Game featured a small Kia logo on the left shoulder. WNBA and NBA D-League jerseys already feature advertisements, though they are much more noticeable.

The initial proposal was for teams to keep 50 percent of the sponsorship money from the jersey advertisements, while the other 50 percent would be added to the revenue-sharing pool for all teams.

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In March 2014, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said it was “inevitable” that NBA jerseys will have advertisements in the future. The nine-year, $24 billion television deal the league signed in October 2014 included provisions for adding sponsors to jerseys.