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NBA: No foul on Jackson's shot to end Cavs' win over Pistons

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NEW YORK (AP) The NBA says Reggie Jackson was not fouled on the final play of Detroit's loss to Cleveland, when the point guard complained after the game that referees should be penalized for mistakes.

Jackson rushed up the floor and missed a jumper under heavy pressure from Kyrie Irving as the Cavaliers finished off a 100-98 victory Sunday that gave them a four-game sweep.

Jackson called for ''fines, suspensions, being fired'' for referees, adding: ''Make bad plays or questionable, you're not really being productive to the sport. Things should have consequences, just like the players.''

But the NBA ruled Monday in its report about the last 2 minutes of the game that Irving maintained legal guarding position and made no contact with Jackson as he initially reached in for the steal, and that Jackson initiated the contact on the shot attempt by jumping sideways.

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