Open Floor Podcast: Who do you trust in NBA playoffs?

Were the Pacers right to fire Frank Vogel? Who can you trust in the NBA playoffs?'s Ben Golliver and Andrew Sharp debate.f
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In the latest episode of the Open Floor podcast,'s Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver return to talk about which NBA players are most (and least) trustworthy in the 2016 NBA playoffs. Among the players discussed: Kyle Lowry, Dion Waiters, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Billy Donovan, and more.

The two hosts also discuss the Pacers' decision to park ways with head coach Frank Vogel and whether or not Larry Bird made the right decision. Sharp and Golliver also examine Paul George's future in Indiana, how Vogel's firing will impact it, and who could be the next coach of the Pacers.

With a wild start to the playoffs, there is plenty to discuss. ​​Listen below and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud.