There’s less than a week left in the NBA’s regular season.

By SI Wire
April 04, 2017

There’s less than a week left in the NBA’s regular season, with the playoffs starting Saturday, April 15.

The Cavs will aim to defend their title, the Warriors will try and reclaim it, the Spurs will try and crash the party again, and the Rockets and Celtics look like intriguing dark horses.

As of Thursday afternoon, here’s what the playoff matchups would look like.

Eastern Conference

1) Cleveland Cavaliers (51–27) vs. 8) Miami Heat (38–40)

2) Boston Celtics (50–28) vs. 7) Chicago Bulls (38–40)

3) Toronto Raptors (48–31) vs. 6) Atlanta Hawks (39–38)

4) Washington Wizards (47–31) vs. 5) Milwaukee Bucks (40–38)

Boston, Cleveland, Toronto and Washington have clinched playoff spots and home court in the first round.

Outside looking in: Indiana Pacers (38-40), Charlotte Hornets (36–43), Detroit Pistons (35–43)

Western Conference

1) Golden State Warriors (65–14) vs. 8) Portland Trail Blazers (38–40)

2) San Antonio Spurs (60–18) vs. 7) Memphis Grizzlies (42–37)

3) Houston Rockets (53-25) vs. 6) Oklahoma City Thunder (45–33)

4) Utah Jazz (48–30) vs. 5) Los Angeles Clippers (47–31)

Golden State has clinched home-court advantage throughout the playoffs.  San Antonio and Houston have clinched playoff spots and home court in the first round. Utah, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City and Memphis have clinched playoff spots.

Outside looking in: Denver Nuggets (37–41)

View the full standings here.

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