Disgruntled Bulls fans rebel against front office, raise funds for billboard in protest

Chicago fans are not happy with the Bulls’ front office.
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Yes, we know the 90s happened, but Bulls fans are a grumpy bunch a lot of the time. After Jimmy Butler was traded on Thursday, it sparked major discontent and ennui within Chicago’s fan base.

So much, in fact, that some brave souls started a GoFundMe to buy a billboard to call for the heads of Gar Forman and John Paxson, the Bulls’ general manager and VP of basketball operations. Together, they are commonly known as GarPax.

Alas, the #FireGarPax movement seems to have begun in earnest.

Here is a reddit thread that explains things. And here is the GoFund Me link. It is described as follows.

The r/ChicagoBulls community now has a new mission...
It's time to raise our pitchforks everyone. Reinsdorf and GarPax have made the Bulls the laughing stock of the NBA for far too long. 
This past NBA draft is the final straw. Not only did we trade Jimmy Butler for a value equivalent to a Diet Sprite and a Snickers bar, but we traded away one of the best defensive talents in the 2nd round for... cash??? Yes the Reinsdorf and GarPax figured the best idea to go about a rebuild is to sell our draft picks for cash...

Maybe some of you forgot, but let's not forget the idiocy that is GarPax and Reinsdorf... not only did they trade Jimmy Butler for a mystery box they have had horrific drafts from 2012-2014, drove away Coach Thibs who regularly made us threats in the East and brought in Fred Hoiberg who has no business in the NBA, among many other acts of stupidity.

So, there’s that. For varying amounts of cash beginning at $2000, you can contribute to buying increasingly large billboards to call for the heads of Paxson, Forman and owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

Most importantly, if they don’t hit the goal, proceeds go to the South Side YMCA, which I can personally attest is a worthy cause.