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NBA Social Rankings: Who Won The Week?

Jimmy Butler facing the critics, giving out his actual cell phone number and taking calls from fans had to win the week.
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Welcome back to The Crossover’s weekly social media power rankings, where we determine who won the week off the court. This week, Jimmy Butler gives out his phone number, the Blazers make a funny and Lou Williams calls out the NERDS. We’ll rank performances from best to worst. Here’s how the week shook out:

1. Jimmy Butler

Unquestionably the moment of the week came on Thursday, when the newest member of the Timberwolves gave all his critics his actual phone number.

As if that weren’t legendary enough, he proceeded to FaceTime with fans!

2. Portland Trail Blazers

This was the runaway moment of the week before Butler stole the spotlight. THEY WENT THERE!

3. Chandler Parsons

Gotta give props to Chandler Parsons, trying to rekindle that magic of Summer ’15. This was downright hilarious.

4. Klay Thompson

#ChinaKlay is taking over Twitter right now. Look at how freaking HYPE this guy is. Goodness gracious.

5. The Ball Family

Once again, they made a GIANT splash this week. LaMelo may want to watch himself on the mic, though.

6. Bill Russell

I know, I know. This is pretty low considering who said this and what was said, but this was a week stacked with social content. Bill’s getting his recognition somewhere, at least.

7. LeBron James


8. Shaq

This is virtual coffee. I’m awake as hell right now.

9. Lou Williams

Kind of with Lou here. Way too many numbers out there. Where’s the metric that measures how electric that fadeaway heat check three from 30 feet is? Show me that metric.

10. C.J. McCollum