“Y’all need to get over it!!!” Ray Allen wrote in an Instagram comment. 

By Dan Gartland
July 21, 2017

The NBA’s dumbest controversy wages on. 

It’s been four months since Rajon Rondo went public with the 2008 Celtics’ ongoing beef with Ray Allen. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce elaborated on the situation in May, with Pierce revealing that he hasn’t spoke with Allen “in some years now.” 

It would appear Celtics fans have sided with KG and Pierce. A post from a popular Celtics Instagram account wishing Allen a happy birthday on Thursday was flooded with comments calling him a snake and a traitor, so Allen decided to hop in the comments and respond. 

Udonis Haslem response to Celtics for beef with Ray Allen: ‘We whooped your ass’

“Y’all need to get over it!!!” Allen wrote. “[W]here were you all when the team tried to trade me. It’s a business, we go where it’s necessary just like you all do in your jobs!!!! I will always be a Celtic no matter what any of you say. Get over it!!!!”

He later deleted the comment. 

The disagreement with his former teammates stems from Allen’s decision to sign with the Heat, Boston’s main competition in the Eastern Conference at the time, before the 2012–13 season. Allen and Pierce left Boston the following year in a trade to the Nets. 

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