What can’t Tim Duncan do?

By Jeremy Woo
August 02, 2017

I miss Tim Duncan. You probably miss Tim Duncan, too. So here’s a video of the future Hall of Famer enjoying retirement and staying in shape by...kickboxing.

Duncan’s been trying a variety of training techniques for a long time, so it’s not news that he’s doing martial arts, but his Punisher shirt and immaculately agile moves are, well, also not surprising. There’s not a lot that’s surprising about Tim Duncan, anyway. He continues to exist.

Bleacher Report caught up with Duncan’s longtime trainer who posted this video and gave this quote, which summed things up nicely:

“He's an animal. It's a different thing than what you see out on the court. The more intense the training gets, the more calm he becomes, which you've seen on the court. The way he executes the movements, he's a f--king monster.”

Also, apparently Duncan and David Robinson are sparring now. So there’s that.

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