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This Mashup Of Donald Trump Throwing Paper Towels And Larry Bird Sinking Threes Is Glorious

Donald Trump's paper towel stunt becomes the perfect sports video

Earlier this week, Donald Trump famously threw several rolls of paper towels at people at the Cavalry Chapel in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, while visiting the island after it was hit hard by Hurricane Maria.

The video dominated social media and television for many hours, with Trump chucking the paper product as if he were in a gym practicing for the NBA Finals.


That leads us to this brilliant piece of Internetting that mashed up Trump's stunt with a vintage Larry Bird performance in a 3-point shooting contest. Enjoy.

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That wasn't the only sports-related meme to come out of Trump's paper towel chuckfest.

No matter where you stand politically, I think we can all agree that the people who made these videos deserve a round of applause.