Joel Embiid speaks his mind.

By Jeremy Woo
October 17, 2017

Joel Embiid, who due to injury has played a total of 31 regular season NBA basketball games since being drafted by the Sixers in 2014, said Tuesday that he thinks his team-imposed minutes restriction is ‘f---ing bull----.’

Embiid, 23 and one of the league’s most intriguing talents — and also one of its most injury-prone players — has had his career stunted by a series of foot and back issues. The Sixers have understandably been careful with him, but also chose to hand him a maximum contract extension (that contained some language hedging for injury risk).

The point of all this is that Embiid wants to play, really badly, but also needs to be a little patient here.

The Philly Voice posted a full transcript of his comments, some of which we will look at here for the sake of full context.

REPORTER: The initial minute restriction that you’re on, did they give you any hope that would be lifted at some point?

EMBIID: That’s f---ing bull---- I wish I was playing more minutes. I think I’m ready for more than, I don’t know whatever number they have. I don’t know, I wish I was playing more, but we’re going to see how it goes.

REPORTER: Can you go in and appeal to them?

EMBIID: I always think I have a voice, so I’m sure they’re listening to what I have to say too, but they’re making a decision based on what they think. But I think that’s bulls---.
So there you have it — the season hasn’t even started yet and Embiid says he’s ready for more. We like the sentiment from him, but also, trust the f---ing bull----, man.

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