Report: Warriors Will Spend Time With Local D.C. Kids Instead of White House Visit

The Warriors were uninvited from the White House in September.
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When the Warriors make their lone trip to Washington D.C. this season, they will spend time with local kids at an event that will be closed to media since the team is no longer invited to the White House, Chris Haynes and Ramona Shelburne of report.

Golden State coach Steve Kerr told ESPN that he let the players decide how they wanted to spend their time since they wouldn't have a White House trip, and they selected a venue where the kids would join them to spend some time during the day.

The team considered other options for how to spend that time, according to ESPN, including visiting Kevin Durant's hometown of Seat Pleasant, Md. Additionally, Washington D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi invited the team to the US Capitol, but the Warriors declined to avoid making it seem like they were politicizing the event by meeting with two Democrats, Haynes and Shelburne report.

"At the end of the day, it's about us celebrating a championship so there's no point in getting into the political stuff and all that," Draymond Green told ESPN. "It's about something we did great. Why make it about [politics]?"

This all stems from when in September, Steph Curry said he hoped the team could make a statement by not going to the White House. Soon after, Donald Trump tweeted that he would no longer invite the team to the White House, however, it didn't seem to mean much to the team, especially considering they were planning to vote against going to the White House before the invitation was revoked, Haynes and Shelburne report.

Recently, Durant has been in the news for comments he and LeBron James made about Trump while in conversation with ESPN's Cari Champion on a project for the UNINTERRUPTED. The remarks led to Laura Ingraham of Fox News telling the two MVPs to "shut up and dribble," a comment Durant and James both responded to.

While in D.C., the Warriors will face the Wizards Feb. 28.