Danny Green Says He Played Last Season With Groin Tear, Undetected by Spurs Doctors

As Kawhi Leonard dominated the headlines, another Spurs injury went unnoticed for much of last season. 
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Shooting guard Danny Green said that he played for San Antonio with a groin tear in 2017-18, but it was undetected by the Spurs until an end-of-season physical, he said on his Inside the Green Room with Danny Green podcast.

Green noted that he strained his groin against Boston in December, but still played 70 games over the course of the season. Green missed five games in December due to the injury.

The Spurs' medical team has received criticism for its loss of control in Kawhi Leonard's injury recovery. Leonard was traveling to New York to see an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Jonathan Glashow and his staff at Mount Sinai Medical Center took over the rehabilitation process in midtown Manhattan. In retrospect and because of his experience, Green does not blame Leonard for seeking an outside opinion for the injury.

Green and his Spurs teammate Kawhi Leonard have a fresh start together with the Raptors. Toronto acquired the pair in exchange for DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl and a protected first round pick on July 18.

Green will be heading into his 10th season in the NBA.